About Us

One shapes the world into images and moods, the other into concepts and words.

Together, we are Zepelin Media, a hub for video production, content creation, marketing and brand growth strategies.

We started with ProTV, the leading media and entertainment group in Romania, and ended up reaching millions of people through the brands and shows we marketed and promoted. Since 2003, “free your mind” has been more than a slogan; it has been a way of life. We have crafted brand messages and stories that still captivate audiences today. We have coordinated integrated marketing and creative strategies, consolidating the group’s reputation as a leader.

Since 2015, the story of Zepelin Media has continued on its own, opening up to new perspectives: the development of branded content and editorial projects, corporate video production or live entertainment and events. However, in the background, we still rely on the essential lessons of marketing: the focus on objectives, target audience, and positioning, the emphasis on relevance, originality, and brand stories. We collaborate with the best professionals in the market, with whom we have worked throughout our careers: from studios to freelancers, we share the passion for film and communication with our partners, the “details mania”, the obsession for detail and the desire to innovate and explore new ways of crafting and communicating stories about people and brands.

If you have made it this far, we are delighted to meet you. And we hope to shape the world together by creating powerful and constructive stories, in line with our professional and human aspirations.

Răzvan Mihai

At the age of 19, I stepped into a television studio for the first time as a student, and I never left… this profession. I was fascinated by the whole ensemble: the lights, the cameras, the atmosphere, the synchronization of the team, the relationships between people and equipment, the harmonious blend of technical and human aspects – everything required to produce an accessible form of storytelling or spectacle.


I started as a video editor in my hometown Iași, and then I was transferred to ProTV Bucharest, where I continued my professional journey as a video producer, promo manager, and editing system coordinator. I am passionate about everything related to video production, both technically and artistically. And when I’m “accused” of having “an obsession for details”, I have just one thing to say: in video production, as in life, it’s the fine details that make the difference between monotony and expressiveness.

Viorela Mihai

I “founded” my first newspaper together with my friend at the age of 12, at her father’s typewriter. It was called “On All Faces”, and we distributed it in the mailboxes of our friends. I invested my first serious piggy bank in a tape recorder and an electric typewriter. When my friend turned 18, I took the tape recorder to the streets of Cluj-Napoca, my hometown, to give her a unique gift: a vox populi material. When the time came to decide on a career path, I oscillated between journalism and theater. I chose the middle path and settled for Theater Studies at the Theatre and Film Academy in Bucharest. During my final year of university, my professors kept telling me that my path was television. They were proven right, despite my initial opposition.


My life and my heart were tied to ProTV (the leading media group in Romania) for 14 years – I started as a copywriter and grew to become the Marketing Director of ProTV. In 2018, I decided to embark on a journey that allowed me to dedicate my time to various other projects. I write about people; I create out of passion for the authenticity of emotions and the dramaturgy of thoughts. I have a “fixation” with coherence and relevance in communication, with consistency in branding, and with long-term strategy in marketing, applied beyond the impersonal numbers in Excel.

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TV Production

TV Production

  • Broadcasting creative services (innovative format development)
  • Training and coordination of the production team
  • Creation of brand identity for media products
  • Production of launch campaigns for various multimedia projects
  • Branding and rebranding services for the broadcasting industry
Branded Content

Branded Content

  • Concept proposals for traditional media or digital platforms (audio, video, editorial, interview series)
  • Development of creative advertising formats (based on the medium, business objectives, and target audience)
  • Branded entertainment scripts
  • Organization and coordination of production and post-production
Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

  • Development of concepts and formats for B2B or B2C image campaigns (video campaigns, editorials, interview series)
  • Creative and production services for content marketing products
  • Employer branding campaigns
  • Awareness or educational campaigns tailored to a relevant theme for the company (format proposal and production, based on target audience and objectives)
  • Video products for self-marketing purposes
Marketing and Branding Campaigns

Marketing and Branding Campaigns

  • Naming and positioning services in the branding or rebranding process
  • The development of brand books and brand identities
  • The delivery of turnkey image campaigns: from concept to the final product
  • Promotion campaigns for launches, brand anniversaries or special events
  • Follow-up campaigns
Social Campaigns

Social Campaigns

  • Creative and video production services for CSR campaigns
  • The development of donation campaigns for NGOs
  • The design of anniversary or seasonal campaigns
  • The creation of content for social media pages
  • The support of editorial campaigns
Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

  • Concept and script proposals
  • Production team coordination
  • Event direction
  • Event promotion
  • Support for follow-up campaigns