“After the age of 40, the most important celebration became the day of our marriage” – A display of tender love by the seaside in Greece

27 August 2018  |  1 min

I saw them every day on our secluded beach, far from the crowds and tourists. They walked gracefully, their steps in harmony with the time that had passed purposefully. The lady, with a book. The gentleman, with a magazine or a newspaper. They exchanged serene smiles, knowing they held in hand a partner worth swimming around the world for. A lady and a gentleman, at the age of decanting the past into beautiful memories that allow you to look back with gratitude and contentment. Regardless of the illusions chased in their youth, they no longer ran after anything. With age, they have understood that to keep pace with the one beside you was one of life’s greatest challenges.

I knew I was watching a display of gentleness. They shared their beach duties by mere glances: the gentleman arranged the towels, the lady poured the coffee, while the sea calmly recounted their secrets and stories. In every gesture, you could decipher a silent declaration of love: from the hand extended for support to the turning of the label peeking out from under the blouse, at the back. There was so much peace around them that suddenly, I was no longer afraid of growing old. I understood that the years you count consciously next to your partner were stronger than all the wrinkles and gray hairs that grow in the way, unconditionally.

On our last day of holiday, I gathered the courage to strike up a minimal conversation with them.

“What’s the secret?”, I asked.

The gentleman responded like an oracle who had unraveled this mystery long ago: “In your case, patience. In his case, romance.”

The lady examined my gaze carefully and smiled instead of answering.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about all my breakout moments and all the times I have waited for a flower. I reminisced all the tomorrows I wanted today and all the yesterdays I imagined differently. Indeed, there are many moments when love simply means patience and a touch of romance, like a fresh burst of youth: patience to live, to contemplate, to understand, beyond explanations and words.

To claim romance and patience in our hectic world may seem a sign of madness. But avidly seeking people who have aged beautifully, I discovered that they indulge in different moments of relieving “madness”, the greatest of which remains love, tenderly reconfirmed, year after year.

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Viorela Mihai
Viorela Mihai
Marketing and communication consultant, specialized in branding, creative strategies and content development. Passionate storyteller and interviewer, driven by the joy of meeting valuable people. Contributor to Special Olympics …

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