6 September 2023

“I think Bucharest needs a new image and a strategic communication campaign” – Tanya Collingridge, former Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Bucharest, after two postings and 9 years lived in Romania

In Hamlet, Act IV, Ophelia tells tyrant Claudius: “We know what we are, but we do not know what we might be.” With this line in my mind, on a torrid summer morning I headed towards the British Embassy to discover a new perspective on what Romania is and what we might be, in a...
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3 October 2022

“Everyone can contribute to society, and everyone has the same rights.” – CHRISTO VELKOV

In September, Special Olympics Romania hosted the national conference LEADERS THROUGH SPORTS, the advocacy program dedicated to people with intellectual disabilities, with the support of the Active Citizens Fund Romania, and in collaboration with Special Olympics Iceland. The objective of the conference was to empower people with intellectual disabilities to approach the local authorities and...
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27 August 2018

“After the age of 40, the most important celebration became the day of our marriage” – A display of tender love by the seaside in Greece

I saw them every day on our secluded beach, far from the crowds and tourists. They walked gracefully, their steps in harmony with the time that had passed purposefully. The lady, with a book. The gentleman, with a magazine or a newspaper. They exchanged serene smiles, knowing they held in hand a partner worth swimming...
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