We discover. We translate into stories. We live frame by frame.

In film, the light sets the mood and the depth of the story, shapes the characters, and cuts them out of anonymity.

In life, the light is often directed towards monotonous faces, in a series of uninspiring stories with predictable endings.

We invite you to shift the spotlight together… and create the perfect context, rhetoric, and framing for business and life stories that are rich in flavour and meaning.

We are ZEPELIN MEDIA, a hub for video production, content creation, marketing consultancy, and branding strategy.


6 September 2023

“I think Bucharest needs a new image and a strategic communication campaign” – Tanya Collingridge, former Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Bucharest, after two postings and 9 years lived in Romania

In Hamlet, Act IV, Ophelia tells tyrant Claudius: “We know what we are, but we do not know what we might be.” With this line in my mind, on a torrid summer morning I headed towards the British Embassy to discover a new perspective on what Romania is and what we might be, in a...
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3 October 2022

“Everyone can contribute to society, and everyone has the same rights.” – CHRISTO VELKOV

In September, Special Olympics Romania hosted the national conference LEADERS THROUGH SPORTS, the advocacy program dedicated to people with intellectual disabilities, with the support of the Active Citizens Fund Romania, and in collaboration with Special Olympics Iceland. The objective of the conference was to empower people with intellectual disabilities to approach the local authorities and...
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27 August 2018

“After the age of 40, the most important celebration became the day of our marriage” – A display of tender love by the seaside in Greece

I saw them every day on our secluded beach, far from the crowds and tourists. They walked gracefully, their steps in harmony with the time that had passed purposefully. The lady, with a book. The gentleman, with a magazine or a newspaper. They exchanged serene smiles, knowing they held in hand a partner worth swimming...
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The English say, “from scratch to finish.”

We say, “from a blank page to the final product.”

We tackle each project from a 360⁰ perspective: we start from clear business or communication objectives with the aim of delivering projects in which we combine the clarity of concepts with the quality of production and storytelling. We develop integrated communication and content development strategies to bring relevance and different angles of approach. We believe in the details that make the difference between ordinary and original, in the fresh tone of the narrative, in the meticulous preparation of filming, and in the art of editing with rhythm and coherence.

We deliver turnkey content or marketing projects, from concept to the final product, while complying with our underlying mission and values: the PASSION for media and television, supported by ORIGINALITY, METICULOUSNESS, and STRATEGIC THINKING.


Let's collaborate!


TV Production

TV Production

  • Broadcasting creative services (innovative format development)
  • Training and coordination of the production team
  • Creation of brand identity for media products
  • Production of launch campaigns for various multimedia projects
  • Branding and rebranding services for the broadcasting industry
Branded Content

Branded Content

  • Concept proposals for traditional media or digital platforms (audio, video, editorial, interview series)
  • Development of creative advertising formats (based on the medium, business objectives, and target audience)
  • Branded entertainment scripts
  • Organization and coordination of production and post-production
Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

  • Development of concepts and formats for B2B or B2C image campaigns (video campaigns, editorials, interview series)
  • Creative and production services for content marketing products
  • Employer branding campaigns
  • Awareness or educational campaigns tailored to a relevant theme for the company (format proposal and production, based on target audience and objectives)
  • Video products for self-marketing purposes
Marketing and Branding Campaigns

Marketing and Branding Campaigns

  • Naming and positioning services in the branding or rebranding process
  • The development of brand books and brand identities
  • The delivery of turnkey image campaigns: from concept to the final product
  • Promotion campaigns for launches, brand anniversaries or special events
  • Follow-up campaigns
Social Campaigns

Social Campaigns

  • Creative and video production services for CSR campaigns
  • The development of donation campaigns for NGOs
  • The design of anniversary or seasonal campaigns
  • The creation of content for social media pages
  • The support of editorial campaigns
Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

  • Concept and script proposals
  • Production team coordination
  • Event direction
  • Event promotion
  • Support for follow-up campaigns

Trusted By


  • Sebastian Cosor
    Co-founder @ SafeFrame Studio


    We share a long working history with Viorela and Răzvan, which coincides with the glory years of ProTV. Station IDs, image campaigns, anniversary campaigns, we completed many projects together, and enjoyed bringing to life ideas that, on paper, sometimes seemed impossible to achieve. Viorela is one of the smartest creatives and marketing directors I have worked with, and Răzvan is a master of details and coherence in the cinematic unfolding of stories.

  • Florin Negruțiu
    Co-founder @


    After an outstanding career at ProTV, Romania’s leading media group, Viorela joined our platform as a contributing writer at the beginning of 2018. Our contributors are remarkable personalities in their field of activity, people who have a say, and know how to say it. Viorela is very dedicated to supporting the social causes she believes in, having the ability to put things into the right perspective, and to write and document compelling stories. She approaches sensitive issues with empathy, attention to details, and manages to turn facts and statistics into powerful storytelling.

  • Ilinca Drăguleanu
    Managing Partner @ Raspberry Communications


    I worked with the Zepelin Media team on a video branded content project aimed at showcasing the company’s business model and competitive advantages. What surprised me was their ability to quickly understand a complex business model, to highlight the essence without needing additional guidance, and their attention to detail. The quality of the material produced was exceptional both technically and in terms of information structure, without the need for further revisions. Our collaboration was as pleasant as it was effective, and we will certainly have other joint projects in the future.

  • Cristian Ispas
    National Director @ Special Olympics Romania


    Since 2019 we have had a very good collaboration with Zepelin Media LLC who has created high-quality communication materials for our organization: official photos, official films, text edits, content creation for our different projects. We were impressed by the creativity of the Zepelin Media staff members and collaborators, by the quality of their work and their commitment and dedication to the cause of the athletes with intellectual disabilities in Romania. The delivery deadlines, and the terms of the contracts were always met. We felt that the collaboration with Zepelin Media was based on partnership rather than on a contractual relationship.

  • Zuzanna Kurek
    Founder @ Cornerstone Communications


    Our collaboration with Zepelin Media has truly been remarkable. They possess an impressive grasp on the entire continuum of video production, from conceptualization and scripting to filming, editing, and final execution. Viorela and Razvan’s commitment to deadlines, innovative approach, and never-ending pursuit of a compelling narrative have made them a partner we’re proud to work with and always eager to recommend.

  • Anca Budinschi
    Anca Budinschi
    Programming Director 2003-2012 @ ProTV


    Viorela and Răzvan can achieve what is most beautiful in a video production, that perfect combination of idea and imagery.

    They have it all: talent, experience, knowledge, and the audacity of innovative thinking.

  • "

    There is only one moment when I am NOT the only chef in the kitchen: when I’m filming with Răzvan! We have filmed dozens, if not hundreds, of recipes for various clients or brands, and every time the result is impeccable. Do I love doing multiple takes to find the perfect tone and intonation?! Obviously, Răzvan is the chef! When I work with Zepelin Media, I am relaxed and full of confidence: I know I’m in good hands, I have the freedom to improvise, I’m supported with great ideas, and I’m treated with patience and passion for details.