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Chef Sorin Bontea: Social Media Story


Chef Sorin Bontea – Digital Story STAROPRAMEN

Razvan Mihai: production, direction, editing, post-production


There is only one moment when I am NOT the only chef in the kitchen: when I’m filming with Răzvan! We have filmed dozens, if not hundreds, of recipes for various clients or brands, and every time the result is impeccable. Do I love doing multiple takes to find the perfect tone and intonation?! Obviously, Răzvan is the chef! When I work with Zepelin Media, I am relaxed and full of confidence: I know I’m in good hands, I have the freedom to improvise, I’m supported with great ideas, and I’m treated with patience and passion for details.

Răzvan Mihai
Răzvan Mihai
Video producer with valuable expertise in television and media marketing, gained in landmark projects for the top commercial TV stations in Romania. Founder of Zepelin Media, driven by the …

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TV Production

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Branded Content

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Corporate Video Production

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Marketing and Branding Campaigns

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Social Campaigns

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