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2022 - 2023

ProfitNews TV (Bloomberg Partner) / Profit.ro

The Stories of the Stock Exchange – Multimedia Project

The Stories of the Stock Exchange are a multimedia project created and produced for the integrated media platform PROFIT (Profit.ro and ProfitNewsTV), with the aim of promoting some of the valuable people and companies that develop Romania and drive the economy forward.

Eighteen companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange have shared their stories, vision, strategy, and future plans in a special project created to increase the visibility and prestige of all those involved in this editorial endeavor.

The short versions of the stories were published on Profit.ro: Poveștile bursei | PROFIT.ro

The extended episodes were broadcasted on Profit News TV and featured on PrimaPlay: Poveștile Bursei: (primaplay.ro)

Zuzanna Kurek
Founder @ Cornerstone Communications


Our collaboration with Zepelin Media has truly been remarkable. They possess an impressive grasp on the entire continuum of video production, from conceptualization and scripting to filming, editing, and final execution. Viorela and Razvan’s commitment to deadlines, innovative approach, and never-ending pursuit of a compelling narrative have made them a partner we’re proud to work with and always eager to recommend.

Răzvan Mihai
Răzvan Mihai
Video producer with valuable expertise in television and media marketing, gained in landmark projects for the top commercial TV stations in Romania. Founder of Zepelin Media, driven by the …
Viorela Mihai
Viorela Mihai
Marketing and communication consultant, specialized in branding, creative strategies and content development. Passionate storyteller and interviewer, driven by the joy of meeting valuable people. Contributor to Republica.ro. Special Olympics …

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Branded Content

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Corporate Video Production

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